(Chionoecetes Opilio)

Snow Crab

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Other Names
Opilio, Queen Crab

April - November

Depth of catch
Shallow to 200 fathoms

Snow crabs have circular bodies surrounded by five pairs of long, flat legs.They are found on sandy areas of the ocean floor at depths ranging from one to 470 metres. Snow Crabs caught for commercial purposes in Canada range iin size from 9.5 to 15 cm in width, and weigh between 350 grams to 1.3 kilograms. Males are much larger than females, and consequently account for most crabs caught commercially.

Range of shelf life
Live crab can be held up to 12 days. 3 to 7 days fresh, depending on the quality of handling the crab has received .

How to store
Fresh whole crab should be buried in ice.

wholesale seafood supplier
wholesale seafood supplier