(Oncorhynchus Gorbuscha)

Pink Salmon

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Other names
Pink, Humpback Salmon, Humpie

September - October

Depth of catch
Shallow to 200 fathoms.

The most numerous of salmon a pink is usually about 18-24 inches long reaching an average weight of 3-5 pounds with a conical head and small eyes. In breeding males the snout is greatly extended and turned down at the tip; the lower jaw is enlarged and unable to close with sharp teeth on both jaws. Also he has a large hump before the dorsal fin whereas the female changes little except in color. A steel-blue to blue-green with large black dots and silver sides characterize the coloring.

Range of shelf life
Three to 7 days, depending on the quality of handling the fish has received.

How to store
Pink Salmon should be buried in ice with the belly cavity full of ice, since this is where deterioration happens most quickly. Adding ice to the belly slows this enzymatic process.

wholesale seafood supplier