Species marketed as
Pacific Ocean Perch (Sebastes alutus)
Yellowmouth (Sebastes reedi),
Rougheye Rockfish (Sebastes aleutianus),

May - September

Depth of catch
100 to 350 fathoms (600 to 2,100 feet)

Dark Blotch lives over soft ocean bottoms and near reefs from the Bering Sea to LaJolla, California. Its skin is carmine red with black markings, and grows to approximately 18 inches in length. As with the other Rockfish species fillets, the flesh is a creamy rose, becoming darker next to the skin side. This dark area is due to the fish's fat layer.

Range of shelf life
Three to 7 days, depending on the quality of handling the fish has received.

How to store
Dark Blotch should be buried in ice with the belly cavity full of ice, since this is where deterioration happens most quickly. Adding ice to the belly slows this enzymatic process.

(Sebastes Aleutianus)

Dark Blotch
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