(Pleuronectes Vetulus)

Rex Sole

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Other names
Pacific Sole, Long-Finned Sole.

Year round.

Depth of catch
30 to 350 fathoms (180 to 2,100 feet)

This is a relatively small Flatfish that has an elongated shape. Fillets are thin and very delicate, but because the species is small (averaging about 2 pounds), it is often served dressed or "rexed". Rex has a distinctive flavor among the Soles that accept a number of seasonings. The flesh is a creamy white on one side, creamy grey on the other. This stripe is roe (Rex Sole eggs) and it is delicious.

Range of shelf life
Three to 7 days, depending on the quality of handling the fish has received.

How to store
Whole fish should be buried in ice with the belly cavity full of ice, since this is where deterioration happens most quickly. (Ice will slow this deterioration). Give adequate drainage to prevent accumulation of water around the fish. This helps avoid a build-up of bacteria, and preserves the fish's moisture, nutrients and structural integrity.

wholesale seafood supplier